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CLARIN Standards Information System

The primary role of the CLARIN Standards Information System is, currently, to aggregate and visualize the list of recommendations for data deposition formats, specified by CLARIN centres that offer deposition services (mostly the so-called B-centres). That list is available in the "Format Recommendations" section, and its various logical subcomponents can be accessed from the menu on the left.

The keyword cloud below provides an alternative way to access the format and recommendation information. It is still in the process of being fine-tuned.

The original and, at this time, not actively developed function of the SIS is to collect information on the LRT standards in use by the CLARIN community. Visit the "Standards and Specifications" section in order to access that functionality.

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This website is managed by the CLARIN Standards Committee. Feel welcome to contact us via "issues" at our GitHub repository with suggestions or problem reports.

See the wiki pages "How to contribute to the SIS" and "Updating format recommendations" for hints on how you can influence the SIS.

Please consult the "visiting card" of the CLARIN Standards Committee for more information on CSC activities.