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Media Types

This is a provisional list of the media types registered with the particular formats. The final section lists formats, for which media types have not been specified.

Mime-type Formats
application/dicom DICOM
application/ecmascript JS
application/geo+json GeoJSON
application/gml+xml GML
application/gzip GZIP
application/javascript JS
application/json JSON
application/ld+json JSON-LD
application/octet-stream ArcGIS.mxd, Erdas.img
application/pdf PDF/A-4, PDF/A-3, PDF/A, PDF, PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2
application/tei+xml TEI, I5, TEIHeader
application/tei+xml;format-variant=dta DTABf
application/tei+xml;format-variant=dta;tokenized=[0,1] DTABf
application/tei+xml;format-variant=tei-iso-spoken TEISpoken
application/tei+xml;format-variant=tei-iso-spoken;tokenized=[0,1] TEISpoken
application/ KML
application/ KML
application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet XLSX
application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document DOCX
application/vnd.shp Shapefile
application/x-cmdi+xml CMDI
application/x-filegdb ArcGIS.gdb
application/x-gmz GML
application/x-hdf5 HDF5
application/x-sas-xport SAS.xpt
application/x-spss-por SPSS.por
application/x-spss-sav SPSS.sav
application/x-tar TAR
application/xhtml+xml XHTML
application/xml FoLiA, DC XML, XML, ALTO, GrAF, PAULA
application/xml;format-variant=x-chat CHAT-XML
application/zip ZIP
audio/aiff AIFF
audio/flac FLAC
audio/mpeg MP3
audio/raw RAW
audio/vnd.wave WAVE
audio/wav WAVE
audio/wave WAVE
audio/x-aiff AIFF
audio/x-nist NIST SPHERE
audio/x-wav WAVE
image/bmp BMP
image/gif GIF
image/jp2 JP2
image/jpeg JPEG
image/jpx JP2
image/png PNG
image/svg+xml SVG
image/tiff GeoTIFF, TIFF
image/vnd.dxf AutoCAD DXF-R12, DXF
text/csv CSV
text/html HTML
text/markdown Markdown
text/plain Worldfile.tifw, plainText, ASCII Grid, Worldfile, F4, Worldfile.jpgw,, Toolbox,, SAM, Praat
text/plain-bas BPF
text/plain;format-variant=clan-cha CHAT
text/praat-textgrid Praat
text/tab-separated-values TSV
text/x-chat CHAT
text/x-eaf+xml EAF
text/x-lmf+xml LMF
text/xml FLExText, EXS, FLN, TRS, Coma, ANVIL, FLEx, AG XML, EAF, Transana, CHAT-XML, DGD-XML, EXB
video/avi AVI
video/mp4 MPEG-4 AVC, MP4
video/mpeg MPEG-1, MPEG-2
video/quicktime QuickTime
video/x-quicktime QuickTime
x-gis/x-shapefile Shapefile
Formats without mime types