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Component Metadata Infrastructure
Abbreviation: CMDI
Scope: Metadata annotation
Topic: Metadata
Standard body: ISO
Keywords: metadata, standardisation, infrastructure
Use in CLARIN: fully recommended

The Component Metadata Infrastructure (CMDI) is a framework for description of basic metadata components. It was developed particularly in the scope of the CLARIN project. The aim of this framework is to provide a modular and reusable metadata format. CMDI can be used to give a detailed metadata description of a resource and customized by using only the metadata elements relevant to the resource. The CMDI is compatible with other existing frameworks such as IMDI, OLAC, Dublin Core or the TEI header. These features make the CMDI very flexible and adaptable.

Existing components in the CMDI Component Registry, for example from ISO-DCR (ISO 12620) can be combined into a CMDI profile (i.e. tailored metadata XML schema). Beside for searching and inspecting the existing components, the Component Registry can be also be used to create new CMDI metadata components.

Related Standard(s):
  • DCR

    CMDI uses ISO-DCR for semantic interoperability

  • SynAF-2-2014
Other standards in the same topic(s):
Recommended Reading:
  • D. Broeder et al., "A pragmatic approach to XML interoperability – the Component Metadata Infrastructure (CMDI)", in Proceedings of Balisage: The Markup Conference 2011. Balisage Series on Markup Technologies, vol. 7, Montréal, Canada, 2011.

Version Title: Component MetaData Infrastructure
Abbreviation: CMDI-2012 [not official, only for reference in this website]
Version Number: 4
Status: final
Release Date: 2012-02-15
  1. Dieter Van Uytvanck
  2. Twan Goosen
  3. Menzo Windhouwer
Related Standard(s):
Used in CLARIN centre(s):
Part title: Language Resource Management - Component Metadata Infrastructure for Language Resources – Part 1 The Component Metadata Model
Abbreviation: CMDI-1

ISO 24622-1 is a standardization of the basic components of CDMI in order to achieve compatibility based on solid documentation. The first part of the 3-part CMDI standard describes the abstract model and offers a complete package for the creation of metadata schemas.

In the near future, the two other parts are planned to be developed. The second part (CMDI-2) will describe the serialization format and the third part will offer a set of recommended metadata profiles (CMDI-3).

Abbreviation: CMDI-1-2014 [not official, only for reference in this website]
Version Number: ISO 24622-1
Status: in Development
Release Date: 2012-07-11
  1. ISO/TC 37/SC 4/WG 1
Related Standard(s):
Part title: Language resource management - Component Metadata infrastructure - Part 2: The Component Metadata Specification Language
Abbreviation: CMDI-2

The second part of the standard (CMDI-2) will describe the serialization format defined by CDMI-1.

Abbreviation: CMDI-2-2012 [not official, only for reference in this website]
Version Number: ISO24622-2-NWI-draft
Status: New Work Item Proposal
Release Date: 2012-05-03
  1. ISO/TC 37/SC 4/WG 1