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Open Language Archive Metadata
Abbreviation: OLAC Metadata
Scope: Metadata annotation
Topic: Metadata
Standard body: OLAC
Use in CLARIN: acceptable

Open Language Archives Community Metadata (OLAC) was developed by Open Archives Intiative (OAI) and is useful for representing specific metadata of language resources and NLP tools for harvesting metadata in archives. OLAC is implemented in XML and can be used for the interchange of metadata descriptions among archives.

The OLAC framework is based on the Dublin Core (DC) Element Set and the OAI Protocol for Metadata. It uses all 15 core elements from the simple Dublin Core metadata set, the refinements and the encoding schemes of the DCMI Metadata Terms. Additionally, it is extended with a few more elements for describing language resources with specific relevant conceptual domains such as language, linguistic type, subject language or linguistic role. For this reason, the OLAC metadata set is more varied and specific compared to the DCMES.

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Abbreviation: OLAC Metadata-2008 [not official, only for reference in this website]
Status: Standard
Release Date: 2008-05-31
  1. Open Language Archives Community
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