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Distributed Ontology Language
Abbreviation: DOL
Scope: Standardisation of a meta-language for heterogeneous ontology representation
Topic: Knowledge Representation, Ontology
Standard body: ISO
Keywords: meta-language, ontology, knowledge representation, distributed ontology language, OntoIOp, ontology languages, syntax, semantics

The Distributed Ontology Language (DOL) is a standardisation of a meta-language for heterogeneous ontology representation and is currently under development within the ISO standard OntoIOp.

The DOL is not only another ontology language such as OWL, DAML+OL, etc., but it also provides a meta-level framework to express logically heterogeneous and distributed ontologies with precise semantics and proof theory. Furthermore, the framework allows linking between ontologies, annotations, and the documentations of ontologies. The standard specifies syntax, semantics, and conformance criteria.

The ontology structure can be defined in various formalisms. Each of them supports its own features and satisfies the requirements for specific purposes of an ontology. The problem comes when the ontology must be used in another system supporting some other formalisms. DOL allows users to use their own preferred ontology formalism and makes it interoperable with other DOL-conforming ontology formalisms. DOL is the first language to systematically support this.

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Recommended Reading:
  • T. Mossakowski et al., "Three Semantics for the Core of the Distributed Ontology Language", in 7th International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS), Graz, Austria, 2012.
  • C. Lange et al., "The Distributed Ontology Language (DOL): Ontology Integration and Interoperability Applied to Mathematical Formalization", in Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics (CICM), Systems and Projects track, Bremen, Germany, 2012.

Abbreviation: DOL-2011 [not official, only for reference in this website]
Status: Working Draft
Release Date: 2011-06-28
  1. ISO/TC 37/SC 3/WG 3
Related Standard(s):
  • OntoIOp

    DOL is a language for representing distributed knowledge in ontologies.