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Ontology Integration and Interoperability
Abbreviation: OntoIOp
Scope: Standardization of ontologies
Topic: Knowledge Representation, Ontology
Standard body: ISO
Keywords: Ontology, knowledge representation, distributed ontology language, DOL

The OntoIOp stands for Ontology Integration and Interoperability and is a new working item which is currently being standardised as ISO NP 17347 by ISO TC37/SC 3. The goal of the standard is to provide the guidelines for ontological modularity and structuring mechanisms within an ontology. The standard does not include the definition of basic ontology or processes, but provides a framework specifying a language for distributed knowledge representation in ontologies, and outlining the principles and key structural elements for representation of information in ontologies and knowledge bases, mappings mechanisms between ontologies, annotation of ontologies, translation mechanisms between ontology languages, etc. Furthermore the standard provides ways to accomodate an interoperability between different ontology Languages.

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Recommended Reading:
  • O. Kutz et al., "Towards a Standard for Heterogeneous Ontology Integration and Interoperability", in International Conference on Terminology, Language and Content Resources (LaRC), Seoul, Korea, 2011.
  • O. Kutz et al., "Making Heterogeneous Ontologies Interoperable Through Standardisation – A Meta Ontology Language to be Standardised: Ontology Integration and Interoperability (OntoIOp)", in Accessibility Reaching Everywhere, AEGIS Workshop and 2nd International Conference, Brussels, Belgium, 2011.

Abbreviation: OntoIOp-2011 [not official, only for reference in this website]
Version Number: ISO/NP 17347
Status: Working Draft
Release Date: 2011-06-28
  1. ISO/TC 37/SC 3/WG 3
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  • DOL

    DOL is a language for representing distributed knowledge in ontologies.