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Abbreviation: Flora-2
Scope: Languages for definition of ontologies
Topic: Ontology
Standard body: Other

FLORA-2 is an advanced object-oriented knowledge base language and application development environment. The language of FLORA-2 is a dialect of F-logic (Frame logic) with numerous extensions, including meta-programming in the style of HiLog and logical updates in the style of Transaction Logic. FLORA-2 was designed with extensibility and flexibility in mind, and it provides strong support for modular software design through its unique feature of dynamic modules.

Applications of FLORA-2 include intelligent agents, Semantic Web, ontology management, integration of information, and others. Future plans for FLORA-2 include standardization of the syntax, which will bring greater compatibility with other F-logic based languages, such as OntoBroker, WSML (Web Service Modeling Language), and SWSL-Rules.

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Version Title: Loquat
Abbreviation: Flora-2 1.1
Version Number: 1.1
Release Date: 2015
  1. Michael Kifer
Version Title: Cherimoya
Abbreviation: Flora-2 1.0
Version Number: 1.0
Release Date: 2014
  1. Michael Kifer